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Hi there! Today we want to talk about carding forums and stores in the darknet. There are many different carding platforms where everyone can get cc data, cvv, money transfer data and other carding related products. So, we decided to look through the most popular of them and choose one favorite. Today we consider store that we found as recommended on a private forum. This darknet platform is a supplier of fullz and other carding products. It offers a wide range of products, including full (cvv), money transfers and carding equipment. Customers can visit this site through any browser and receive card details while remaining anonymous. Therefore, this web market is quite popular among carders and other cybercriminals. The web interface looks pretty simple. When you visit the site, you immediately see the range of products. The main page is a catalogue. This makes it easier to search, as users usually visit this site to buy something. There is a function that allows y